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Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
periódicos. (chris) las críticas pueden aniquilarte pero yo prefiero concentrarme en las personas que vienen todo el tiempo. (yianny) tengo muchos viejos amigos y clientes, si abro en una callejuela ellos me encuentran, la verdad nunca he tenido una mala crítica, en todos los años que llevo en el negocio jamás he tenido una mala crítica. (chris) nosotros nunca hemos tenido una mala. sí, hasta ahora ninguna, espero que sigamos así. (theo) tuvimos solamente una muy mala crítica en internet, específicamente hablaba de un mesero que tuvimos que se sonó la nariz frente a todos en el comedor. ¡au! tiró las sobras siponerlas en una bolsa. uh, una pesadilla. (dina) si se dice algo de los restaurantes en el periódico papá habla de ello no sólo un día sino un buen tiempo. si escriben algo negativo... shhuu, hacia abajo. (yianny) a souvla aún no lo han criticado, aún es como un secreto. ¿cuánto tiempo más? no lo sé. (dina) mi padre no es un buen administrador. theo tiene cuatro estrellas y yo tengo cuatro y media. ¡jajajaja! esta debe ser mi mejor temporada. chris está llegando a
Dec 13, 2012 4:30pm PST
. >> susie: now that you bring up the economy, let's look at exactly what the results are, when k yo wh the outlook for the global economic growth would be, 40% felt that the global economy would expand, 20% felt that there might be contraction. and europe continues to struggle in 2013. can you tell us a little bit more, give us more color on those results? >> sure. there is more ownership about-- optimism than economic growth than last year. but there are concerns. the european debt crisis is the largest one and also very intereingly dspite th fact tha stck maet leels ve rover broadly speaking to prefinancial crisis levels, our members are very concerned about the crisis of confidence driven by ethical issues in the finance industry itself. and that is something that we pay great deal of attention to. is restoring confidence through better ethics in the profession. >> all right. we're sgoing have to leave it there. very interesting survey and the results. thank you so much. john rogers, c.e.o. of the cfa institute. >> tom: in the world of financial markets, what's bad for the economy c
Dec 24, 2012 4:30pm PST
. johnson and johnson on the new yo sto exchange also on your buy list. tell us what attracts to you this one. david, you gave us the name of a little known company that is on your list, tell us what it does and wh you picked this one. any disclosures, david, do you own these stocks? all right, thanks so much, have a great holiday. we'll see you soon next time. david pelletier, portfolio manager at the slow rog in 2012 slow progress in 2012 of women moving into top positions, in boardrooms and the executive suite. new research from catalyst shows 16.6% of fortune 500 company directors are women, up from 16.1% last year. 14.3% of company executive officers are women, up from 14.1% a year ago. as for c.e.o.'s, the number of women on the fortune 500 will hit a record 21 on january 1, when phebe novakovic takes charge at general dynamics. recently i talked with catalyst president ilene lang and asked her what's holding women back. >> the reason women don't get to the top jobs is because in their careers they are not tapped for the assignments that would really give them that
Dec 27, 2012 4:30pm PST
. tha yo >> joe davis, chief economist at ativan guard group >> susie: still ahead, the top tech trends for 2013, or how your cell phone will become an even bigger part of your life in the new year. >> susie: a lot of mixed messages for investors today. joining us now to sort through it all, ann miletti, senior portfolio manager at wells fargo advantage funds. >> so, anne, what do you think you heard, the economist talking about a mild recession. are we in for a correction in the ock market if that happens? >> i think right now the market is trying to predict how long this uncertainty is going to last. so right now, you know, because the market is a measuring tool, it's measuring how long the uncertainty with the fiscal cliff will last. if it's short and we get a resolution, i think we will avoid a recession. if it takes months to figure out, then i think in a slow-growth economy we could get into recession territory pretty easily without some certainty. >> but as you know, we're going to be -- even if we get a deal, we will be hearing reports on quarterly earnings in the next couple of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4